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Zen Yoga

Peace in Flow

Connect Your Mind, Body & Breath

I trained as a Zen Yoga teacher and started "Know Your Nature Yoga" at the age of 54 after so many friends said they couldn't do yoga due to injuries, age etc.  For 24 years Yoga has been an instrumental part of my daily wellness practice and I now lead weekly classes in person and online.  Zen Yoga incorporates Hatha Yoga and a Buddhist approach to mindfulness.  It is linked to the Chinese Philosophy of Health which is related to the energy in the meridian lines in the body while following the rhythm of nature, the five elements, the seasons and the planets.   All of my classes are accessible, friendly and open to all  abilities.  

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Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

Discover a sense of peace. Zen Yoga can help you feel invigorated and recharged but also  also deeply relaxed and rested. My classes help you get out of your head and allow you to connect to your body and breath.

Improved Sleep & Response

Many people report their best sleep the night of a yoga class. Through Zen yoga you come to have a deeper intuitive connection to your body allowing you to respond not react to your mind.


I tailor all classes to suit your specific needs and I will share modifications for all abilities.

Any Age

Students in my class range from 16 to 70.  Men & women of all ages and abilities are welcome!  In my eyes if you can breath you can do yoga. Whether you have retired and want to try something new or you are looking to change your daily routine.

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Every Monday

6:30pm - 7:45pm




I always look forward to Mandy’s yoga class on a Tuesday afternoon.  Mandy begins the class by explaining what we will be working on and why, often with a beautiful reading or poem.  Mandy gives very detailed descriptions and demonstrations of every pose.  Attention is always given to injuries and alternatives suggested.  This makes the class comfortable for complete beginners and those with more experience.  This class is much more than an exercise class, I have learned techniques for living a happy and content life.  I have been inspired by Mandy and now practice yoga everyday.

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I’ve just finished my first face to face Tuesday lunchtime yoga block with Mandy and I have loved it. Why …. with a working week at home much more common place I needed a break from the desk and having signed up and blocked the time out my diary I can honestly say I’ve looked forward to this headspace to breathe and stretch every single week and never missed a session. I return to my desk with a smile on my face and a lightness in my step - no joke it’s true



I’m an “older” person and have been going to Mandy’s yoga class for a while now.   I feel better in both mind and body and each week I leave calmer and happier because Mandy integrates spiritual thoughts with gentle movements. She takes a mental note of any physical problems her students might have and makes sure that we don’t strain that part of the body.  It’s a small class held in a lovely place , sometimes during the summer the class is held outside which is so lovely being closer to the sounds of nature. Thank you Mandy you’re a great teacher.

6:30pm - 7:45pm


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