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Transformational Energy Shifts

Believing In You, Until You Believe In Yourself

"Know Your Nature" coaching can help you to recognise the various destructive patterns and limiting beliefs that we carry.  The blocks to reaching our full potential are often ones we construct ourselves perhaps through fear, which can present itself in many ways such as fear of judgement, of failure, of not being good enough or even the fear of being too successful.  I can work with you to create healthier patterns and beliefs that serve you more powerfully.   My job as a coach is to wholeheartedly believe in you, until you believe in yourself, encouraging you to realise your dreams and live your best and most authentic life.


Shattering Limiting Beliefs

Being able to witness, explore and release doubts, fear and judgements  whilst accepting their presence,  liberating yourself.

Positive Energy Shift

Embody a true sense of joy from releasing resistance to the past, future or unknown.

Having someone hold you accountable, facilitates you stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears whilst feeling fully supported.


Transform your life

With misconceived beliefs, old stories rewritten and a newfound confidence and positivity in place, a whole world of possibilities opens up.





Mandy has guided and supported me through coaching to unravel my busy mind and focus on what I truly desire in life. She has helped me recognise what I need to change to achieve alignment in my life. Through yoga with Mandy I enjoy feeling relaxed and calm. I gain a true sense of feeling at peace within.



" I realise that I have the power to live how I want to live. Life isn’t perfect but there are learnings from everything and this journey with Mandy has made me stronger, more resilient, in tune with what is right for me, a better communicator and able to recognise old behaviours before they get on top of me. I cannot recommend Mandy more for anyone that needs guidance to get out of a rut and who needs a bit of a steer to start to truly appreciate all that is in front of them and the beauty in everything they see and feel."

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"My two, half-hour coaching sessions with Mandy far surpassed any expectations. Mandy’s warm character created a very safe and trusted space for me to really ‘go deep’ and challenge myself to understand barriers to self-growth and to practice self-kindness. Mandy helped me to unblock a particularly difficult relationship I’ve had with a family member since childhood, which has transformed that relationship to a healthy positive one through greater understanding and empathy. I would recommend Mandy to anyone to help resolve any negative areas and to develop positive, rewarding pathways to self-acceptance and love,  growth and achievement."

Mandy & Alfie

Free Consultation

Free 15 minute consultation to get to know each other and discuss your goals.

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1:1 Coaching

Book a 30 minute coaching call with me or book block sessions.

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