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reconnect to peace

Fill up your cup and why?

Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit

I teach Zen Yoga. Zen is about a state of calm attentiveness, A blissful, mindful state where actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort. Where you are at one with and lost in the moment. Where you let everything go, relax and trust in yourself.

Deep connection to your body and intuition

Through Zen yoga you come to have a deeper intuitive connection to your body allowing you to respond not react to your mind. You learn to create space in body and mind and allow the magic of life to land.


My mantra is "If you can breathe, you can do yoga." No experience necessary.  All classes offer different levels so you can choose how you feel in the moment and choose what you want to do. This is your yoga journey.


When did you last take time to pause and give yourself some care and attention. Self care is the least selfish thing you can do. When you take time to be your best, you can then give your best to others. Come and reconnect with your true nature away from the daily pressures. Relax leave rested, nourished, connected and calm

I’m writing to you as someone who has been or has expressed an interest in my yoga or simply as a friend to share my excitement. I am delighted that I am getting to bring all my skills together in one place. 

Many of you know that Nature is my total raison d’etre and my driving force all my life. As well as a yoga teacher I’m also a qualified woodland leader, coastal leader, herbologist and horticultural therapist and transformational coach, as well as a Zen yoga teacher.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaching  connecting to nature to kids  as a means to connect to their soul.

Now I get to combine them all in a delicious retreat for adults.

At Anam Cara in the highlands, we will explore the life of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, which helps us to see the beauty in the imperfection and transience of life. How to live a perfectly imperfect life

So if your life is perfect but you simply want to pause and soak up some more, or life is busy and stressful and possibly a little depleted, I invite you to come and fill up your cup.


Together we will grow through the connections we make , with ourselves, with other beautiful souls,  with and through nature. We will first empty our cups of all that no longer serves us and then fill up our cup leaving feeling relaxed, replenished, grounded, inspired to more possibility and joy. 


We will gather on the Friday for a delicious meal and get to say hello, then share some time setting the scene of the weekend before the option of the log sauna and ice cold water dip. 

On Saturday we will look at ways we hold ourselves back and ways to shift them alongside three session of yoga meditation and nature connection.  This is then followed by an optional sound bath, but no ordinary one, this one speaks of earths vibrations and ancestry  through the magical digeridoo.

On Sunday we will fill our cups and open to joy and possibility. Before closing after lunch, there is then time to bask a little longer in the beauty of the surroundings


During free time, I’m happy to go wild swimming  and or forest bathing/foraging talking to plants and listening to what they have to say to us.


If you’ve read to the bottom, thank you. If you want to join me, or can’t but know someone who might ( please share freely) please get in touch. I’m excited and trust the universe that this will all unfold perfectly 😊 I’m smiling as I write this, as marketing is one skill I still need to develop, but as they say one step at a time 😊

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